Delphi Offers Fuel Tank Cleaning Kit

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Delphi Offers Fuel Tank Cleaning Kit

Delphi Article & Service Solutions has launched a fuel tank cleaning kit as part of a technician education campaign to ensure the longevity of fuel pumps.

The kit includes a cleaning solution, gloves and a lint-free cloth. The low-suds cleaning solution is specifically designed to easily treat and rinse up to a 40-gallon capacity fuel tank. It removes microbial growth in the tank, breaks down varnish and gel from ethanol, and minimizes sludge and other fuel contaminants. The company says the cleaning solution can even extend the life of the new fuel sending unit by removing debris that may cause it harm.

Independent research has proven that most replacement pumps that fail often do so because of contamination in the fuel tank, according to Delphi.  Debris and contaminants can naturally collect over time inside a tank, and may clog the strainer, forcing the pump to pull more current and amperage. This can cause the pump to burn out sooner than expected. When a technician replaces a fuel pump, cleaning and inspecting the fuel tank prior to installing the pump can protect the brand new pump from damage.

Delphi recommends technicians clean the fuel tank every time they replace a fuel pump.

“Our new fuel tank cleaning kit is designed to make it easier for technicians to clean the tank safely and effectively. It is part of our commitment to help our customers do the job right the first time,” says Kathy Jorge, vice president, North America, Delphi Article & Service Solutions.

The new kit is available in the United States and Canada. Technicians can visit a section on the company’s website for more information, including a video and infographic with the 10 simple steps to properly clean a fuel tank.

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Delphi Article & Service Solutions is part of Delphi Automotive PLC. Headquartered in Gillingham, U.K., Delphi operates technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 46 countries.

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