Forward Lift's New DP18 Lift Services Vehicles Up to 18,000 Pounds

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Forward Lift's New DP18 Lift Services Vehicles Up to 18,000 Pounds

Forward Lift’s new DP18 two-post lift services a wide range of vehicles from cars to medium-duty trucks and buses weighing up to 18,000 pounds.

The company says heavy-duty low-profile two-stage arms, along with lightweight adapter extensions, allow techs to easily spot and lift vehicles. The lift’s symmetrical columns are constructed of high-strength heavy-gauge steel and mounted on strong base plate foundations to provide stability and durability for years of dependable performance.

“The 18,000-pound capacity of the new DP18 two-post lift is perfect for shop owners who want to expand service capabilities to include Class 4 medium-duty vehicles,” says John Uhl, director, light-duty Article management for Forward Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group. “Shops of all sizes can count on years of service from this durably built and competitively priced lift, enabling them to increase shop Articleivity and profitability.”

The two-stage arms on the Forward Lift DP18 two-post lift provide a 38- to 61-inch reach that enables techs to access the manufacturer-recommended pick-up points on a wide range of vehicles. The lift is equipped with four 5-inch and four 10-inch aircraft-grade aluminum truck adaptor extensions for added versatility. These lightweight adapters are stored in a convenient column bracket.

For additional flexibility, the lift can be purchased with one of three height packages to meet the needs of a variety of existing shop sizes. For the lowest ceiling option, the overhead cross member mounts directly to the column to fit a 155 ¾-inch ceiling height.  The standard height package fits a 176-inch ceiling height and the extended height package fits a 200-inch ceiling height. 

Forward Lift’s unique high-efficiency, low-maintenance Direct-Pull Lift Technology replaces common push cylinders in the lift columns with direct-pull cylinders. This design provides the best mechanical advantage against side loading, one of the most common causes for cylinder leaks, by protecting the cylinder rod inside the carriage when lowered, and inside the cylinder housing when raised. 

Additional features on the Forward Lift DP18 two-post lift include a single-point lock release for easy lowering of the vehicle and a closed-loop hydraulic system to protect against contamination. Optional door guards are available.

The Forward Lift DP18 two-post lift is available through most national auto parts retailers, as well as more than 100 authorized Forward Lift distributors across North America. It is third-party tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to meet industry safety and performance standards

For more information about the new Forward Lift DP18 two-post lift, visit, contact your local Forward Lift distributor or call (800) 423-1722. For more information about choosing the right two-post lift for your shop, download the free Two-Post Lift Buyer Guide,

Forward Lift is active on Facebook,, and Twitter, For video, visit the Forward Lift Vimeo channel at  Forward Lift is a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand.

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