IDUSA Expands Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filter Line

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IDUSA Expands Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filter Line

The new Premium Guard PG96 filter from International Distributors USA Inc. (IDUSA) is designed to deliver more than 96% filtration efficiency for particles of 25 microns or more and can trap particles 4X smaller than can be seen by the human eye.

The company says the new PG96 filter breaks new ground in the oil filtration market with advanced filtration technology that delivers greater performance and longer protection at a reasonable price.

IDUSA says that as more and more vehicle manufacturers utilize high flow engines, the exceptional performance capabilities of the Premium Guard PG96 will allow service retailers and vehicle owners alike to meet the growing need for advance filter technology that can meet and exceed car makers’ performance requirements.

“Performance and price, are typically linked, the better the performance the higher the price," says Anan Bishara, IDUSA CEO. "This is where our new Premium Guard PG96 takes positive correlation to the next level. We are introducing a revolutionary filter that delivers the kind of performance and protection today’s engines need without the penalty of a higher price.”

The new PG96 offers complete coverage of spin-on and cartridge oil filters. It is available in a retail pack as well as installer pack. The PG96 series will replace the current Premium Guard entry-level series. 

The new PG96 series was introduced to complement the success of Premium Guard’s Extended life filter line that was launched in 2013. As the demand for extend oil change intervals continues to grow, so does the Premium Guard Ex series. As of today, the Ex series offers a wide coverage including 52 oil filters, spin-on and cartridge.

The entire line is made with premium components for maximum performance and reliability. It is built with high performance extended range filtration media that delivers more than 98% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 25 microns for 10,000 miles. The spin on filters include a silicone gasket and anti-drain valve that can handle extreme temperatures from -40 ºF to +400 ºF, a silicone anti-drain valve that offers longevity and higher retention power to protect the engine during start up.

International Distributors USA Inc. is a privately owned company that has established a global supply network of automotive and heavy duty filters. Headquartered in New York City since 1996, IDUSA offers retailers, buying groups, and major WDs a comprehensive private label solution from initial Article specification and requirements to coverage, package, design, quality control, logistics, and distribution. Today, IDUSA manages several private label programs.

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