New Tool from G & G Technics Removes Harmonic Dampers

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New Tool from G & G Technics Removes Harmonic Dampers

G & G Technics Pty Ltd. has introduced a tool for removing harmonic dampers from LS engines. The new is designed to remove GGT-180 3- and 6-spoke dampers quickly without removing the radiator.

Instead of spending time to remove the radiator and drain the coolant, the company says technicians simply remove the fan assembly, the drive belt and the harmonic-damper retaining bolt and washer.

By engaging the puller’s three tangs behind the spokes of the damper—no bolts required—and tightening the jacking screw, the damper is swiftly freed from its bond with the crankshaft, according to the company.

The M-16 threaded jacking screw is made from 8.8-grade high tensile steel and is operated by a 24mm socket. The screw rotates within the thrust bearing; its main purpose is to protect the end of the crank. The body of the puller is formed from an investment casting of high-tensile steel and hardened and tempered.

Before use, G & G Technics recommends lubricating the screw threads with high grade lithium-based grease. To promote the longevity of the tool’s threaded surfaces the company’s urge operators to avoid the use of an impact gun during damper removal.

The GGT-180 is now available and priced at $165.00

For more information contact G & G Technics, Chicago, Ill., Philip Jankura at  (312) 735-2048 and email at

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