Delphi Unveils North America Battery Article Line

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Delphi Unveils North America Battery Article Line

Delphi Article & Service Solutions has introduced a full line of conventional and AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries for passenger vehicles called MaxStart.

The new MaxStart batteries are available for almost every vehicle on or off the road today in North America. The company has also introduced a MaxStart heavy-duty line and special segment line for marine/RV, powersports, and lawn and garden applications.

“Our Delphi MaxStart AGM Article offering was designed with today’s vehicle in mind,” says Kathy Jorge, vice president, Delphi Article & Service Solutions, North America. “The higher reserve capacity of MaxStart helps provide consumers the reassurance that they can easily start their vehicles; even in extreme temperatures and with increased power demands of the new convenience features.”

Delphi MaxStart batteries are durability-tested to the extreme to ensure a powerful start immediately. The comprehensive Article line also includes conventional batteries and offers consumers a range of warranty options, from 18 to 42 months, to cover vehicles throughout their ownership lifecycle.

Delphi MaxStart HD batteries contain the popular Group 31 batteries that meet the needs of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The batteries feature commercial vehicle coverage for starting, dual purpose and deep cycling applications. Special anchoring elements also protect against vibration damage.

Delphi also offers MaxStart Marine/RV series batteries. These batteries have high starting power and increased deep cycling, with special built-in protection against deep discharge to avoid damage to the battery.

“And we have a battery for every vehicle in your customer’s garage with our Delphi MaxStart Lawn & Garden batteries,” says Jorge. “This series features reinforced components, designed to resist vibration. Also, the full-frame positive and negative plates promote longer life through current transfer stability.”

The vehicle’s battery is one automotive component where consumers recognize and prefer quality brands,” says Keith Stipp, president, Delphi Article & Service Solutions. “With our Delphi MaxStart batteries, we are giving our customers an opportunity for differentiation with a distinguished brand recognized for its quality.”

 Headquartered in Gillingham, U.K., Delphi operates technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 44 countries. For more information, visit

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