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ITW Global Brands, makers of the Rain-X brand of wiper blades, says that each year an average of 105 snow storms affect the continental U.S. and any given storm can last two to five days. The total amount of precipitation the earth receives each year as snow, hail, and rain is equivalent to 10 million gallons of water.

There are more than 240 million vehicles on the road in the U.S., and it’s estimated that one in five vehicles has deficient windshield wipers, notes Rain-X. That’s nearly 50 million cars being driven with impaired vision during stormy weather. With 90% of driving decisions based solely on vision, Rain-X helps drivers see clearly.

“Wiper blades should be replaced each year to avoid skipping, streaking, splitting or squeaking,” says Harley Johnson, ITW Global Brands brand director. “And, there’s a host of other ways to help wipers by waterproofing windshields, which improves the driver’s visibility and repels the elements.”

The company says its Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade uses a revolutionary design to combat bad weather visibility, contouring to any windshield’s curvature to provide even wiping pressure along the full length. The synthetic rubber squeegee has a graphite-coated blade and durable, rubber-encased substructure for streak-free visibility with enhanced grip.

Rain-X Glass Treatment utilizes a water beading technology that causes water to bead up and roll away to improve wet weather visibility. The product also helps reduce streaking and the poor visibility it causes.

“While wiper blades don’t have an expiration date, they typically last 6 to 12 months from the time of installation depending on weather conditions,” Johnson cautions. “Drivers shouldn’t wait until a sudden storm to find their wipers are putting them at risk. Fresh Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades, combined with regular applications of Rain-X Glass Treatment, helps drivers see clearly and confidently – no matter how bad the weather.”

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