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Sweaty Intercooler

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Sweaty Intercooler

This bulletin applies to 2015 Mercedes-Benz C250 vehicles. The check engine light may be on and a misfire or reduced power may be experienced. This may be due to possible accumulation of condensation in the intercooler during long steady drives in areas with high humidity of greater than 70%.

Follow enhanced guided tests for P030100, P030200, P030300 or P030400 with Mercedes-Benz Xentry tool. If no obvious causes of misfires are found, check the fault setting condition, erase the fault code(s) and release the vehicle without replacing any components.

Replacement of the intercooler with an updated part should only be done if directed by Xentry and the complaint is in a humid state or area. The updated intercooler is available as P/N A0995003501.

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