ETI supports industry adoption of R1234yf

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The Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) announced today its continued support for the adoption of R1234yf by automobile manufacturers to meet the global requirements for more environmentally friendly refrigerants.

R1234yf has been extensively tested over a six-year period using industry-accepted scientific methods by various industry organizations, independent laboratories, and a consortium of 15 global vehicle manufacturers organized by SAE in a Cooperative Research Program (CRP). At the conclusion of this process, all of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the performance, risk assessment and safety of R1234yf.

Recently, one automobile manufacturer announced that it had reversed its position and would not install R1234yf in vehicles that it produces, citing reasons inconsistent with the conclusions reached during the industry-wide development and testing, of which they were an active participant.  ETI is extremely disappointed with this independent change of direction. 

Charlie Gorman, ETI executive manager, stated, “We are very concerned about the long-term impact on the tool and equipment industry if these kinds of independent decisions occur. If industry testing, validation, and consensus can be ignored, it will make it very difficult for our member companies to dedicate the necessary engineering and financial resources for projects such as this in the future.  Industry–wide cooperation, where appropriate, has always been a cornerstone of the automotive industry, and we continue to fully support this approach.”

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