TRICO NeoForm Wiper Blades star in car care promo

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TRICO NeoForm Wiper Blades star in car care promo

TRICO NeoForm wiper blades from Trico Products were featured as a key item that improves visibility and driver control as part of a winter car care promotion.

Hosted by Bruno Massel, a renowned automotive expert and television host, the promotion went out to four million viewers and listeners. The segment aired in markets across the country, including New York, Atlanta and Las Vegas, and was broadcast on more than 200 television and radio outlets across the country.

“Seeing clearly is critical, you need the right windshield wiper blades to withstand any driving condition and TRICO’s NeoForm blade is a great option for better overall performance in all conditions,” explained Massel.

TRICO says NeoForm beam blades offer durable, all weather performance, with a design that produces constant pressure for a uniform, clear wipe. This premium wiper blade is infused with Teflon surface protector, contributing to a longer blade life, while the aerodynamic spoiler reduces wind lift and enhances windshield contact.

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