Aftermarket Foundation adds to board

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Aftermarket Foundation adds to board

Robert (Bob) Hirsch, president of the Aftermarket Foundation, has announced the appointment of Scott Luckett, MAAP, vice president of technology standards for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), to its board of trustees.

“On behalf of the entire board, I am very pleased to welcome Scott to the board of the Foundation,” says Hirsch. “We already have a very strong team; and the addition of Scott, who is well-known inside and outside our industry as a strong and public supporter of the aftermarket-in-general, can only further strengthen our board and broaden the Foundation’s reach within our industry sector, and we thank him for his willingness to serve for the common good of the less fortunate in our industry.” 

Hirsch also points out that while the direction of the Foundation to take care of those in need within the industry has not changed in its 50-plus-year history, “We are heading into a new period of the Foundation’s existence, where it has become increasingly important to raise public awareness of the Foundation’s activities and the role it plays within our industry. The appointment of Scott Luckett, a lifelong participant in the aftermarket and one of its strongest public advocates, reflects that thinking.”  

In addition to his duties serving as liaison to the AAIA Technology Standards Committee and industry spokesperson for electronic commerce standards, Luckett also serves as executive director of the National Catalog Managers Association and is chairman of the Aftermarket eForum Planning Committee. Luckett has also been recognized for his contribution to training and education as a 2001 recipient of the Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Education Award and as the 2002 recipient of the University of the Aftermarket Founders’ Service Award. 

Prior to his 15-year continuing involvement in the AAIA, Luckett had already accumulated over 20 years’ aftermarket industry experience as vice president of sales and marketing for an automotive WD in Washington, D.C., and as a marketing representative for Triad Systems.

“The aftermarket has been my lifelong commitment and vocation,“ Luckett says, “and I am quite honored to be asked to join the highly respected board of the Aftermarket Foundation. The work they do to quietly help those within our industry, who have no place to go in times of need, is indeed a noble calling. The Foundation’s work is unique in business, in that it is a home-grown, aftermarket industry-sponsored initiative to help members of our aftermarket sector, and is very much worth supporting.”

Since 1959, the Aftermarket Foundation has assisted individuals and families of the automotive aftermarket industry that have fallen on hard times due to an unexpected death, catastrophic injury, serious illness or financial hardship. Board members are called upon to assist in the fundraising efforts of the Foundation, and also to assist in the identification of those in need.

Support can take the form of immediate, one-time assistance or make take the form of longer-term support. The Aftermarket Foundation is a volunteer organization, made up of representatives from across the aftermarket industry sector. Founded in 1959, the Aftermarket Foundation is a 501 [c] (3) charitable organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible.  

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