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Noisy Camaro

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Noisy Camaro

Some owners of a 2016-2019 Chevy Camaro equipped with an LGX, LT1 or LT4 engine may comment on a check engine light or an exhaust noise. The technician may find DTC P12FD or P12F0 set. This concern may be caused by an exhaust actuator that was installed but the learn procedure was not completed.

This concern can occur on vehicles with low mileage or on vehicles that recently had service work done on the exhaust system.

Technicians are to relearn the Cylinder Deactivation Valves using GDS2 to resolve this concern. These valves are referred to as the AFM (active fuel management valves). 

If the vehicle battery becomes discharged or if disconnected for any reason, the cylinder deactivation valves and/or flow control valve relearn procedure may also need to be performed. If not, the exhaust valves may hunt or search for position and continue to make an audible noise.

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