ACDelco develops tutorial videos to diagnose GM vehicles

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ACDelco develops tutorial videos to diagnose GM vehicles

ACDelco puts GM’s Techline Information System – or TIS – into technicians' hands to aid in diagnosing and repairing GM vehicles. (TIS was renamed TIS2Web when the service was moved to an online portal.)

“For GM vehicle repairs, TIS2Web, the right scan tools and quality ACDelco OE parts put independent repair shops on a level technology playing field with the dealer service community,” says Bob Stewart, ACDelco customer care and aftersales. “Our customers are amazed when they see how easy and affordable TIS2Web can be, and they are using it to speed service repair, control costs by reducing comebacks, and improve their profitability.”

To demonstrate the user-friendly benefits of TIS2Web, ACDelco has developed 12 tutorial videos to support independent repair shops that diagnose and calibrate GM vehicles using ACDelco software applications.

The videos are on ACDelco’s TechConnect website and cover critical areas that generate the most questions at ACDelco’s Aftermarket Technical Support Center in Michigan. The tutorials include how-to (or basic) instructions for subscribing to TIS2Web and GM Service Information, as well as more technical guidance when using GM Global Diagnostic System 2, Tech2Win and the GM Multi Diagnostic Interface (MDI).

One of the most significant video tutorials covers the Service Programming System (SPS) – available in an online TIS2Web subscription – that updates the flash calibration files stored in the vehicle’s onboard computer. Using a J2534 programming interface tool, technicians can use SPS to update or reprogram a vehicle with updated software.

TIS2Web includes GM vehicle calibrations, Global Diagnostic System (GDS2) software and Tech2 diagnostic updates that allow technicians to diagnose GM vehicles quickly and accurately. Another benefit is access to trained aftermarket technical support for time-sensitive diagnostic software support. Technicians couple these applications with a subscription to GM Service Information (GMSi) – the most comprehensive collection of vehicle diagnostic and service repair manuals for GM vehicles. GMSi offers vehicle diagnostic information, collision repair manuals, campaigns, service bulletins and preliminary information for GM vehicles.

“We know many shops send their customers to their competitors – or outsource the service programming – because they didn’t have the right tools to confidently identify and make the repair,” says Stewart. “Or, they ate into their profits and productivity by spending hours on a vehicle that could have been diagnosed and repaired quickly. That impacts customer service.”

Knowing independent shops service other vehicle makes and models, ACDelco’s pricing makes TIS2Web accessible and affordable, the company notes. Options include short-term subscriptions to specific applications as well as more comprehensive annual service bundles. Shops can choose a plan that best suits their needs, budgets and clientele.

To sign up for TIS2Web, visit, register and follow the prompts to subscribe to TIS2Web. If you’re already registered, simply sign in. For more information call (888) 212-8959.

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