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Updating Acura Idle

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Updating Acura Idle

This bulletin applies to 2019 Acura RDX AWD vehicles. If the engine idles rough on cold starts, the engine idle may be set too low. This requires updating the PGM-F1 software using i-HDS software version 1.004.060 or later.

J2534 software information: The PC application version is or later. The Database update is 12-DEC-2018 or later. Before beginning the repair, make sure that both the i-HDS and J2534 software are updated as listed.

Connect a fully charged jumper battery and leave it connected during the entire procedure to maintain steady voltage. Never turn the ignition to OFF or ACCESSORY during the update. If there is a problem with the update, leave the ignition turned to ON. To prevent control unit damage, do not operate anything electrical (headlights, audio system, power windows, door locks, etc.) during the update.

Update the PGM-Fi software using the i-HDS J2534 rewrite software with the MVCI or DST-i.

MODEL...........VIN RANGE..........................PROGRAM ID.............. PROGRAM P/N

RDX BASE/5J8TC1H3.KL000001--5J8TC1H3KL007786/YFA860/37805-5YF-A860

RDX TECH/J8TC2H5.KL000001--5J8TC2H5.KL010750/YFA860/37805-5YF-A860

RDX ASpec/5J8TC2H6.KL000001--5J8TC2H6.KL010488/YFA860/37805-5YF-A860

RDX Advance/5J8TC2H7.KL000001--5J8TC2H7.KL011210/YFA660/37805-5YF-A660

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