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Abnormal Toyota Squeak

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Abnormal Toyota Squeak

This bulletin applies to 2014-2019 Toyota Highlander and Highlander HV vehicles.  Some of these vehicles may exhibit an abnormal squeak, squawk or groan type noise from the rear suspension when driving over uneven roads or when coming to a complete stop, which may be more pronounced in colder weather.

The noise may be caused by the rear trailing arm bushing. An updated rear trailing arm assembly is available to address this concern.

Using ChassisEAR or equivalent, test drive the vehicle over uneven road surfaces to verify that the concern is coming from the rear trailing arm bushings. Applying soapy water to the suspected bushing may temporarily diminish the noise, which may help to verify the noise location.

Before installation, note that the identification mark on the new part faces the outside of the vehicle. Replace both rear trailing arm assemblies even if only one side is currently emitting the noise.

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