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Noisy Ford RDU

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Noisy Ford RDU

2019 Ford Edge and Nautilus vehicles equipped with AWD and built from Jan. 22, 2019, through March 3, 2019, may exhibit a noise from the rear of the vehicle when a door is opened or after KOEO/KOER.

The rear drive unit (RDU) in these vehicles uses a brushless DC motor to vary the amount of torque to the rear axle. During functional verification, it produces a noticeable noise that is a normal function of the RDU.

If the noise appears abnormally loud, it is recommended to compare the noise from the customer’s vehicle to an identical vehicle that was built before Jan. 22, 2019, or after March 3, 2019. If the noise in the customer’s vehicle is determined to be significantly louder, do not disassemble the RDU.

An updated RDU assembly is available.

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