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Alfa Remote Start

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Alfa Remote Start

This bulletin applies to 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia vehicles, built on or before Feb. 20, 2017, and equipped with Remote Start System. The bulletin involves performing a Restore Vehicle Configuration in the BCM (body control module).

Some customers may notice that the remote start does not always work. Using a scan tool (wiTECH) with the appropriate diagnostic procedures available in TechCONNECT, first verify that all related systems are functioning as designed. Record and repair any DTCs before proceeding.

1. A key code will be needed to perform this procedure. Go to DealerCONNECT>Service>Repair Information>Key Code. To properly perform this procedure, the vehicle must be out of logistics mode. Using wiTECH 2, take the vehicle out of logistics mode by following the Exit Logistic routine, found in the BCM Misc. Function tab.

2, Using wiTECH 2, perform a Restore Vehicle Configuration. This procedure is available under the BCM Misc. Function tab.

3. Clear all DTCs that may have been set due to reprogramming.

4. Verify that the remote start works properly.

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