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Hesitating Mazda

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Hesitating Mazda

Some owners of 2016 Mazda CX-9 vehicles built before July 27, 2016, may complain about a slight hesitation while accelerating from a stop. It most likely occurs when D or R range is selected after engine start or during high rpm idling.

This may be caused by an improper PCM control logic. To eliminate the concern, the control logic of the PCM has been changed, requiring a reflash.

The calibration file name for 2WD vehicles is PYFL-188K2-G. The file name for AWD vehicles is PYFM-188K2-G.

Re-boot the IDS to clear memory before reprogramming. Using IDS 104.02 or later software, reprogram the PCM. 

When performing the procedure, Mazda recommends using the “Power Supply” mode in the battery management system to keep the vehicle battery up to capacity. If a different charger is used, make sure that it does not exceed 20 amps to avoid damaging the VCM.

After reprogramming, clear all DTCs. Start the engine and confirm that no warning lights are on.

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