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Honda Steering Angle Fix

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Honda Steering Angle Fix

This bulletin applies to 2014-2019 Honda Odyssey vehicles, where the neutral memorization procedure won’t complete.

When removing and installing a steering column cable reel, you need to keep both the cable reel and the steering angle sensor in position. If you don’t, the VSA indicator may come on along with one or more VSA DTCs.

When you run the Neutral Memorization Procedure in the i-HDS, it won’t complete (by the way, this procedure is covered as VSA Sensor Neutral Position Memorization in the service manual).

To keep the parts properly positioned, first make sure that the front wheels are pointed straight ahead with the steering wheel in the straight-ahead position. Before removing the cable reel, tape both the cable reel and the steering angle sensor together. This keeps the parts properly positioned and keeps the sensor from accidentally moving.

If the sensor moves, you’ll need to manually adjust it. This is an easy process that uses the i-HDS.

When you turn the steering wheel to the right (or move the steering angle sensor clockwise), the reading increases, moving in a positive direction. When you turn the steering wheel to the left (or the sensor counterclockwise), the reading decreases, moving in a negative direction.

To manually position the steering angle sensor, you first need to determine its current position with the i-HDS.  If you’ve completely assembled the steering column, you’ll need to go to the ABS/TCS/VSA Data List and check the STEERING ANGLE (CAN) value. If you haven’t yet installed the steering angle sensor, you’ll at least need to hook up the sensor, cable reel and either the airbag assembly or the applicable simulator tool, then read the sensor value in the data list.

When you’re done, you need to install all of the removed components and repeat the Neutral Memorization Procedure. If the sensor adjustment has been done properly, the procedure should be complete.

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