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Porsche Loose Screw

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Porsche Loose Screw

This bulletin applies to 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster models equipped with a 2.5L engine. Screws on the holder for the catalytic converter on the cylinder head may loosen. In the event that a screw for the catalytic converter holder is loose, the catalytic converter holder and both screws must be replaced.

Modified screws and holders have been installed during production since May 19, 2016.

1. Remove the turbocharger.

2. Replace the holder on the cylinder head with a new holder P/N 982.251.305.C. with new screws P/N 900.378.131.00. Tighten both screws to 19 ft.-lbs. (25 Nm).

3. Install the turbocharger.

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