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Additional Shaft Info

This bulletin involves all applicable Kia models and provides additional/revised information regarding driveshaft serviceability involving parts such as boots, joints and hardware for serviceable driveshafts.


  • Do not insert a pry bar too deep as this may cause damage to the oil seal.
  • Do not pull the driveshaft using excessive force. This may cause components inside the joint kit to dislodge, resulting in a torn boot or damaged bearing.
  • Plug the hole of the transaxle case with the oil seal cap to prevent contamination.
  • Support the driveshaft properly.
  • Replace the retainer ring whenever the driveshaft is removed from the transaxle case.

 1. Remove the driveshaft by referring to the appropriate section of the shop manual.

2. Remove both clamps from the inner tripod joint boot (transaxle side) using a flat-bladed screwdriver. Clamps are one-time use and must be replaced. See Image 1.

3. Carefully slide the boot along the driveshaft and away from this tripod joint. Clean excess grease from the assembly using a shop towel.

4. To maintain driveshaft balance integrity, mark the trunnion (A), tripod joint case (B) and splines (C). Example marks are shown as (D). See Image 2.

5. Carefully remove the retaining clip (if equipped) from the tripod joint case using snap-ring pliers or a flat-bladed screwdriver.

6. Separate the tripod joint case from the assembly.

7. Using snap-ring pliers, carefully remove the snap ring (A) from the driveshaft. See Image 3.

8. Carefully remove the trunnion assembly from the driveshaft using a suitable puller. Clean off any excess grease. See Image 4.

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