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Give the Jeep a Boot

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Give the Jeep a Boot

This bulletin applies to 2015-2018 Jeep Renegade vehicles equipped with a 2.4L engine. Customers may experience a MIL on, accompanied by a rough running engine. The technician may find one or more of the following DTCs set:

  • P0300...multiple cylinder misfire
  • P0301...cylinder 1 misfire
  • P0302 ..cylinder 2 misfire
  • P0303...cylinder 3 misfire
  • P0304...cylinder 4 misfire

Using a scan tool verify that all engine systems are operating properly and that there are no other codes. Repair as needed before proceeding. The remedy simply involves replacing all ignition coil boots.

P/N ......................... PART

68420587AA............ Ignition coil boot kit

68364292AA............ Molykote G-5008 lubricant (must use this specific lube)

1. Clean the area around all coils to ensure that no contaminants fall into the plug wells. Remove the ignition coils.

2. Remove the boot from each coil. The boot seat on the coil bottom flange should be free of debris. Clean as needed with a rag.

3. Use parts cleaner MOPAR 04318040AC to prepare the surface of the coil. Use at air temperature and allow to air dry. Apply a label to the coil side (1 label per part).

4. Ensure that the spring is inside each new boot.

5. Assemble the boot onto the coil, pushing and turning until fully seated. A light popping sound may be heard.

6. Place a small 360-degree bead of MOPAR Molykote G-5008 lubricant along the inside opening of the coil boot, about 1/32-1/16-inch from the chamfer edge, but not on the chamfered surface. Use ONLY the G-5008 lube, as other grease types may cause damage over time to the new boots.

7. Reinstall the ignition coils.

8. Clear fault codes and verify the repair.

9. Start the engine and allow to idle for at least 60 seconds. If the engine runs rough and/or the check engine light illuminates, further diagnosis is needed.

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