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Porsche Oil Level Warning

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Porsche Oil Level Warning

This bulletin applies to 2011 and later Porsche Cayenne vehicles equipped with a 3.6L engine. The oil level warning “Above Max” may be displayed in the instrument cluster.

The following procedure is recommended to ensure that the engine oil level is correct when adjusting the oil level, performing maintenance or repairs.

By following this procedure, the engine oil level display will be displayed as completely full, but still provide an allowance for fuel or moisture dilution of the engine oil over time. If the engine oil is filled beyond this level, the warning “Above max” may be displayed intermittently.

1. Run the engine until engine temperature is reached at 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius).

2. Turn the engine off.

3. Allow 5 minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan.

4. Using the PIWIS Tester II, check the engine oil level. It is recommended to set the displayed oil level to 70 mm (+/- 1 mm).

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