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Mystery Park Brake Code

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Mystery Park Brake Code

Owners of a 2013 Jaguar XK may comment about a park brake warning lamp illuminated and/or park brake fault message displayed in the IPK (instrument pack). The technician investigating with SDD may find DTC P1571-64 stored (brake switch – signal plausibility).

A communication issue between the PCM and the park brake module may be the cause. If U0100-00 has been logged along with P1571-64 and there are no other P-codes relating to brake light switch logged in the PCM, there is unlikely to be an issue with the brake light switch.

Jaguar is currently developing a fix for this issue. Until the fix is developed and released, the correct action for this issue is only to clear the DTCs. Adjusting or replacing the brake light switch will not resolve this issue.

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