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Toyota Hybrid Recalibration

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Toyota Hybrid Recalibration

Some 2012-2015 model year Toyota Sequoia  hybrid vehicles with the 3UR-FBE engine may exhibit a MIL on with DTCs P0171/P0174 (system too lean Bank 1/Bank 2), P0172/P0175 (system too rich Bank 1/Bank 2), P1604 (startability malfunction) and/or P1605 (rough idling), after attempting to start the engine.

Alcohol density estimate values may be high even though the vehicle was fueled with regular fuel (E0/E10).

The ECM logic has been modified to address this condition. Reprogram the ECM, reset values and add fuel.



Previous calibration 30CK5000, 30CK5100, 30CK5200, 30CK5300, 30CK5400, 30CK5500

New calibration: 30CK5600


Previous calibration 30CK6000, 30CK6100, 30CK6200, 30CK6300, 30CK6400, 30CK6500

New calibration: 30CK6600


Previous calibration Main 30CM0000, 30CM0100, 30CM0200  / Sub 50CA2000

New calibration: Main 30CM0300 /  Sub 50CA2100

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