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Gooseneck Concern

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Gooseneck Concern

Some Mopar Gooseneck Ball Kits installed to Dodge trucks may have retention balls that do not fully seat into the receiver plate and lock into position. When this occurs, the operator can move the shuttle to the locked position, removing tension on the pin, indicating the gooseneck ball is locked in place when it is not.

When the retention balls are not fully seated in the receiver plate and locked into position, the gooseneck ball may become detached from the truck mounting hardware while driving and pulling a trailer. Safety devices, such as chains, which are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the vehicle’s owner’s manual, if properly used, should prevent the gooseneck hitch from fully detaching from the vehicle.

Exchange the customer’s gooseneck ball for the new redesigned gooseneck ball, then render the recalled gooseneck ball unusable and discard.

The revised ball is available as P/N 68441546AA, which features a 2-5/16-inch ball. According to the release, 3-inch balls are not currently available.

Check the gooseneck ball to see if the ball shuttle operates smoothly. The ball bearings should recede with actuation and the shuttle should spring back to the locked position. Check to see that it does not have side-to-side free play of more than 1/16-inch.

If suspect, replace with the revised gooseneck ball.

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