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Bad Communication Throws Codes

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Bad Communication Throws Codes

This bulletin applies to 2010-2014 Jaguar XF vehicles. The customer may comment on various fault warnings displayed on the instrument panel, including gearbox fault, parking brake fault, engine management light and dynamic stability control fault.

This is likely caused by a loss of communication between the PCM and the parking brake module.

1. Connect the Jaguar-approved battery support unit/power supply.

2. Connect SDD to the vehicle and begin a new diagnostic session by reading the VIN and initiating the data collect sequence.

3. Read the diagnostic trouble code memory. If DTCs U0401-00 and P1571-64 are logged with the same time stamp, then install a new parking brake module (see workshop manual section 206-00), then remove and install the existing stop lamp switch.

4. If the fault code P1571-64 or any other DTCs are logged in the parking brake control module without U0401-00 at the same time stamp, remove and install the existing stop lamp switch.

5. When all tasks are complete and the DTC memory is cleared, exit the current session by selecting the Session tab and then selecting the Close Session option.

6. Disconnect SDD and the battery support unit/power supply.

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