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Minivan Paper Gauge

This bulletin applies to 2013-2014 Chrysler Grand Voyager/Town and Country vehicles, built on or after Dec. 6, 2012, and on or before April 30, 2014. A rattle noise may be heard that sounds like metal against metal, coming from the right rear sliding door area while driving over bumps.

Test drive the vehicle over bumps to verify that the noise is coming from the right rear sliding door. Stop the vehicle in a safe location such as a parking lot. Open the right rear sliding door and remove the rubber bumper from the rear end of the upper door track, then close the door.

Continue driving over the same bumper road conditions to determine if removal of the rubber bumper eliminated the rattle noise. If the noise was not eliminated, diagnose further. If the noise was eliminated, using a course file, remove 1 mm of material from the rubber bumper surface and reinstall the rubber bumper.

Hold a piece of paper in front of the rubber bumper. Make sure that the paper is not trapped between the door and a door seal, as this would result in a false/inaccurate tension resistance test. Keeping your hands/fingers out of harm’s way, shut the door while holding the paper in position.

There is an intended design clearance of approximately 1.8 mm between the rubber bumper and the sliding door inner panel. Slowly pull the paper while feeling for tension/resistance on the paper. If tension or resistance was felt while removing the paper, this would indicate a contact interference condition between the rubber bumper and the door inner panel.  Once you obtain a no-resistance condition, test drive to verify that the rattle noise is gone.

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