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GMC Blower Muffler

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GMC Blower Muffler

Owners of 2005-2012 GMC Canyon vehicles may comment on excessive or annoying blower motor noise on the low fan speed. Sounds may include ticking, chirping, clicking or whirring.

The blower motor is located within the vehicle under the passenger side lower instrument panel. This location, while allowing for increased serviceability, does not offer much isolation from blower motor noise.

To reduce the noise level, install a blower motor sound insulator cover using the following procedure:

1. Remove the front passenger door sill molding.

2. Remove the front passenger interior kick panel molding.

3. Remove the front passenger interior floor courtesy light.

4. Remove the BCM connector facing the blower motor.

5. Remove the wire retaining metal clip from the BCM harness.

6. Install the molded insulator to the blower motor. The insulator may need to be flexed in order to be properly situated on the motor. When properly installed, it will be form-fitted to the motor and the retainer hole in the cover will align with a hole in the back side of the motor body.

7. A stud will align with the second hole in the cover.

8. Use the push-pin to secure the cover in place.

9. Re-route the BCM harness over the cover and retain using the metal clip.

10. Re-assemble the previously removed parts.

P/N …………………… PART

15836647.....................cover assembly, blower motor

10098645.................... fastener, push-pin

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