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Not a Cool Ford

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Not a Cool Ford

Some 2011 and 2012 Ford Flex vehicles built on or after 9/1/2010 and equipped with dual engine cooling fans may exhibit a lack of air conditioner performance while the vehicle is stationary or moving at slow speeds and/or an overheat condition. DTCs P0217, P1299 and P1285 may be present.

1. Using IDS, start a new session and select Data Logger. Using the Output State Control, command the cooling fan speed desired PID to High speed (FAN_CTRL# or FAN_DSD# - above 90%) for 2 minutes and verify cooling fan operation. If the fans operate, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with diagnostics. If the fans do not operate, replace the cooling fan motor(s) and control module assembly.

2. Check coolant level and top off as needed using the correct coolant type. The fan controller is designed to shut down the fans if high resistance is detected. Replacing only the fan controller may cause the fans to operate only temporarily.

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