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Toyota Park Brake Gauge

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Toyota Park Brake Gauge

Toyota offers a special service tool SST 09709-00002 brake pedal force gauge, designed to aid in inspection for vehicles equipped with a floor-type parking brake system.

1. Place a plastic cover or shop rag on the carpet to protect against potential oil leak from the gauge. Make sure that the parking brake pedal is in the full release position.

2. Inspect the gauge and verify that the force indicator needle reads “0.” If it does not read 0, apply pressure to the gauge 4-5 times with the needle travelling beyond 250 Newtons, then lightly lift the pedal pad and check if the gauge resets at 0. If it still does not reset to 0, remove the plastic clear bezel and use pliers to turn the adjustment knob to set the needle to 0 and install the bezel cover.

3. Attach the gauge to the parking brake pedal so that the mounting bracket fits securely over the pedal pad and the gauge faces to the right toward the brake pedal.

4. Firmly depress the gauge with your foot. Follow the specification in the repair manual, as the number of clicks and force applied to the parking brake pedal may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

5. Read the maximum force achieved during parking brake pedal inspection by relieving the pressure applied to the gauge plunger platform (non-slip aluminum face) and observe the force value recorded by the red indicator.

6. To reset the gauge, turn the white knob counterclockwise until the red needle reads “0.”

7. Verify the force measurement according to the appropriate repair manual.

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