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Navigating the Connector

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Navigating the Connector

Some 2012 Lincoln Navigator vehicles built on or before 11/31/2011 may exhibit an illuminated MIL with DTCs P0135 and P0155. In addition, P0030, P0050, P0053, P0059, P0141 or P0161 may be present.

Locate C146 in the right rear corner of the engine compartment. Separate the connector and inspect the pins for signs of contamination, discoloration and/or moisture intrusion. Refer to wiring diagram section 152-1 in the service manual.

If necessary, replace the connector pigtails on both the female and male sides. Apply Motorcraft Electrical Grease to the connector terminals. Install the original harness retainer on the male connector and secure the harness.

DU2Z-14S411-RA.............female connector pigtail kit

DU2Z-14S411-SA.............male connector pigtail kit

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