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Noisy Steering Coupler

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Noisy Steering Coupler

This bulletin applies to 2-13-2016 Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles. The MDPS (motor driven power steering) flexible rubber coupler may wear over time, resulting in a slight clicking or thud type noise when turning the steering wheel.

According to the maker, the coupler wear does not affect proper operation of the steering.

There are two versions of the new coupler part number, part number 56315-2K000-FFF. One revised coupler features an “HNBR” marking on the polyurethane part, and the revised rubber coupler has a “4P” marking. Both parts are improved for durability.

 Replacement involves removal of the steering column. When installing the new coupler, make sure that the flexible coupling is properly seated on its bracket. Verify that the new coupler features marking “4P” or “HNBR.”

Conduct the ASP (absolute steering position) calibration procedure according to the service manual, and check and clear any DTCs using the GDS.

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