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Land Rover Diagnostics Fix

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Land Rover Diagnostics Fix

This bulletin applies to 2012 Land Rover Range Rover vehicles as well as other Land Rover models. During general service, a user selects to run “Scan Disk” on restart within SDD (symptom driven diagnostics machine).

In doing this, a setting is changed that allows the scan disk to complete. This setting is not removed after the scan disk has completed, causing the scan disk to initiate on every restart.

The workaround listed here will load a software file to SDD using the Manual Patch Update process:

1. Disconnect any communication devices from the SDD machine.

2. Login to SDD.

3. Select “Continue” on the SDD warning screen.

4. Select “Manual VIN Read.”

5. Select the settings tab on the top right of the screen.

6. Select the system utilities tab on the top middle of the screen.

7. Select “Manual Patch Update.”

8. A pop-up will be displayed for the Manual Patch selection dialog box.

9. Enter “MP_JL_R002” in the manual patch selection dialog box.

10. Select “OK.”

11. The software manager wizard will then download the fix file from the server.

12. Select “OK” in the manual patch update information pop-up.

13. Select “OK” when the “Please shut down SDD before continuing” message is displayed.

14. The “Please wait” message will be displayed.

15. Select “OK” when the “Package has been installed” message is displayed.

16. Select “OK” in the manual patch update information pop-up.

17. Close the SDD program.

18. Start a new SDD session.

19. Restart the SDD machine.

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