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No OnStar

This bulletin applies to 2006-2014 GM passenger cars and trucks equipped with OnStar Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9 or FCP1. The OnStar system may not power up, with no LED illumination and/or no response from the OnStar button assembly. This issue may be accompanied by no communication with the scan tool as well.

With the issue present, turn off the ignition, cancel RAP and perform a 5 minute power cycle of the VCIM. Then test the OnStar key presses, LED status and verify if the VCIM has communication with the scan tool. If the system will not power up, continue with normal diagnostic. If the issue is gone, record the module information in the latest version of bulletin 03-08-46-004 and follow these instructions:

  • If the STID/Station ID/OnStar Customer Identifier is between 88005501 and 91200000, call GM TAC with the customer concern.
  • If the “no power” concern is eliminated and then returns, the VCIM will need to be replaced.

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