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Lift Gate Adjustment

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Lift Gate Adjustment

Some owners of 2010-2014 GMC Terrain vehicles may complain about a rattle noise from the rear lift gate on rough roads. This may be caused by insufficient contact between the left gate wedges or the latch contacting the striker.

Open the lift gate, insert a piece of paper between the body side and lift gate size wedges, then close the lift gate. If the paper cannot be removed, grease the lift gate side wedge with lubricant 12345579. If the paper can be removed, reset the wedges as follows:

1. Loosen the lift gate side wedge center screw to allow the center portion to “ratchet” along internal detents freely.

2. Pull the center adjustment portion of the lift gate side wedges to full downward position.

3. Close the lift gate to full latch engagement. Use power to close if equipped with a power lift gate system. Close manually on non-power lift gates, but do not slam. Then open the lift gate.

4. Pull the center adjustment portion down one additional detent and torque the screw to 5.0 Nm. If the wedge adjustment does not have enough travel for one additional detent, add washer GM 11562459 under the two side wedge attachments to shim as required.

5. Recheck engagement with paper, repeating Step 4 as needed until the paper cannot be removed.

6. Grease the lift gate side with GM dielectric silicone grease 12345579.

In order to adjust the lift gate latch striker, loosen the two striker bolts through cutouts in the trim carpet. Adjust the striker toward the right (passenger side) in 1.0 mm increments. Keep adjustment to a minimum so as not to affect lift gate gaps and flushness. Torque the striker bolts to specification. Once complete you must reset the wedges as described earlier.

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