Ford Offers Motorcraft F-150 3.0-Liter Diesel Fuel Filters

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Ford Motor Co. is offering Motorcraft F-150 3.0L diesel fuel filters.

The new part (FD4627) joins the existing lineup of diesel fuel filters, which provide protection for Super Duty Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engines (FD4615 and FD4625).

The new diesel filters feature Diesel3Tech+ technology that provides dual stage filtration with a primary filter comprised of four high performance materials, and a secondary filter with a dual layer filter media. The filters achieve filtration efficiency above 98% for 10 microns, above 99.8% for 30 microns and filtering particles as small as 4 microns. The diesel fuel filters use advanced technology, including a hydrophobic (water-repelling) mesh and a special coalescent felt layer to achieve water efficiency removal above 98%.

“Customers are confident when they buy Ford vehicles because they know they’re built to last,” says Robert Boss, maintenance product manager FCSD USA. “Protecting your diesel engine is critical, and our Motorcraft diesel fuel filters are tested to help ensure your investment is protected. Our recommendation is to accept no substitutes and trust only filters engineered and backed by Ford.”

Diesel engine fuel systems are highly sensitive to dirt and water. A single particle of dirt can damage the entire system. Plus, water that freezes inside the system can block the flow of fuel to the engine, potentially causing serious damage.

Motorcraft diesel fuel filters use advanced technology and precise manufacturing to help ensure clean fuel and effective water separation for optimal performance.

Each Motorcraft part is designed for its specific application to ensure it fits and is easy to install, providing the best possible performance with fewer comebacks.

The Motorcraft diesel fuel filter system offers:

* High-performance filter media for outstanding cleanliness.

* Superior water-separation performance.

* Conductive resins for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

* Superior gaskets and welding.

Motorcraft diesel fuel filter applications:

Part ……………….….. Coverage

Motorcraft FD4615 …. 2010-2017 Super Duty 6.7 liter diesel

Motorcraft FD4625 …. 2017+ Super Duty 6.7 liter diesel

Motorcraft FD4627 …. 2018+ F-150 3.0-liter diesel

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