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Ford Escape May Have Windshield Washer Fluid Leak

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Ford Escape May Have Windshield Washer Fluid Leak

Some 2020 Ford Escape vehicles may exhibit a windshield washer fluid leak at the windshield washer reservoir tank fill neck. This will be most noticeable when filling the tank. 

According to Ford, to correct the condition, remove the fill neck and make sure the fill neck insertion tube section is clean and dry. Wrap four layers of tape around the neck, using Scotch Electrical tape Super 33+ or equivalent. Then lubricate the fill neck newly taped area with washer fluid or equivalent.

Reinstall the fill neck to the windshield washer reservoir by twisting the fill neck if necessary to fully insert and seat the fill neck. Align the fill neck mounting hole to the fender mounting position. Make sure the fill neck remains fully seated to the reservoir and tighten the mounting bolt to 5.9 in.-lbs. (1.5Nm).

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