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Audi Is Leaking Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Audi Is Leaking Automatic Transmission Fluid

This bulletin applies to 2018-2019 Audi A5, 2018 Q5, 2019 A4, A6 and A7 vehicles equipped with OCL/OCJ or OHL automatic transmissions. You may find leaking ATF at the service opening of the lower bellhousing and there are transmission and/or operation issues due to a lack of oil.

The leak may be coming from the bolt holes of the clutch cover.

If the oil leak is limited to the bellhousing service opening, remove the transmission. Remove the dual-mass flywheel. Clean the transmission housing and locate the oil leak location on the clutch cover with talcum spray/leak detection spray.

If there is oil residue in the bolt hole, remove all bolts from the clutch cover. Clean the bolt holes. Install 12 new bolts for the clutch cover with P/N WHT 002 459 C. Tighten all to 12 Nm + 90 degrees (torque/angle tightening). Follow the tightening sequence in a diagonal pattern as described in the repair manual.

Reinstall the dual mass flywheel and reinstall the transmission.

Check and adjust the ATF level and road test.

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