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Chevy Corvette Park System Isn’t Engaging

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Chevy Corvette Park System Isn’t Engaging

This bulletin applies to 2016-2019 Chevy Corvette vehicles equipped with a 8L45 or 8L90 automatic transmission. The park system may not engage. The condition may be caused by a damaged parking pawl and/or parking pawl actuator.

  1. Attempt to duplicate the no-park condition by operating the shift lever. The shift lever should move freely through all positions.
  2. Check the transfer case for proper operation in each range.
  3. Inspect the shift cable system and mounting bracket for any signs of visible damage or mis-routing. If these checks are OK, continue with the following.
  4. Remove the transmission oil pan and valve body.
  5. Remove the park pawl actuator bracket and discard the bolts.
  6. Remove the park pawl actuator.
  7. Inspect for damage, bent rod or incomplete travel of the actuator.
  8. Inspect the park pawl for damage.

If damage to the park pawl actuator and park pawl is present, replace the following components:

  • Park pawl actuator
  • Park pawl
  • Main shaft detent lever hub pin
  • Park pawl actuator bracket
  • Park pawl actuator bracket bolts
  • Output carrier

Note: The transmission should be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly.

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