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Tick & Pop

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Tick & Pop

Some 2011-2016 Lincoln MKT and MKS vehicles equipped with a 2.0L, 2.3L, 3.5L and/or 3.7L engines may exhibit a  ting, pop, click and/or continuous tick noises from the front wheel area when accelerating from a stop, turning or when shifting between drive/reverse and/or reverse/drive. The noise may be caused by worn/damaged front half shaft outer joints and/or friction between the front half shaft and wheel hub.

Drive the vehicle slowly in circles with the steering wheel turned all the way left and then to the right. If you hear clicking/popping/tick noises while turning, replace the right side half shaft.

Shift the transmission between drive/reverse and reverse/drive and accelerate the vehicle from a stop. If you note a single ting, pop or click noise, separate both half shafts from the wheel hubs. Install a new thrust washer and reinstall the half shafts and test drive.

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