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Camaro Hiss

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Camaro Hiss

Some owners of a 2016 Chevy Camaro may comment on a hissing noise when applying the brakes and a service brakes message displayed on the instrument panel.

DTC C025E may be set. This DTC will cause the hydraulic boost compensation (HBC) to activate on every brake apply, so the vehicle will still be able to stop effectively even in a low vacuum condition. The condition may be caused by the brake booster vacuum sensor sensitivity set to high, causing vacuum to bleed off.

An updated software calibration has been released to de-sensitize the vacuum sensor plausibility fault monitoring and setting of DTC C025E. During reprogramming, the battery voltage must be maintained within 12.6 – 15.5 volts. Connect the approved Midtronics PSC 550 battery maintainer in the power supply mode. Update the EBCM to the latest software and calibration available.

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