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This bulletin applies to 2016 Jaguar XF, and 2017 XE and F-Pace vehicles. The MIL may be illuminated, with DTC P025C-11 stored in the PCM. This may be caused by a PCM software issue leading to the false setting of DTC P025C-11.

Jaguar recommends the use of the Jaguar Land Rover-approved Midtronics battery power supply and the Jaguar Land Rover-approved diagnostic tool with the latest SDD (system driven diagnostics) software management pack in order to reprogram the PCM.

Connect the battery power supply unit to the vehicle battery. Connect the diagnostic tool, loaded with SDD 152.04 software management pack v289 or later. Follow all on-screen instructions, allowing the tool to read the VIN, identify the vehicle and initiating the data collect sequence. If the hyperlink is not available, select Diagnosis from the session type screen and select the Selected Symptoms tab. Select Electrical – Instruments – Warning lamps – Engine malfunction lamp – Lamp illuminated.

Then select continue. Next, select Run to perform the Configure existing module – Powertrain control module option. When prompted, select Clear DTCs option following completion of the software download. When all tasks are complete, exit the current session, then select the Session tab, then select the Close Session tab. Disconnect the diagnostic tool and battery power supply from the vehicle.

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