Cloyes Adds Dynamic Engine Test System

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Cloyes Adds Dynamic Engine Test System

With a commitment to continue providing the highest quality timing system products to its customers, Cloyes today announced it has purchased, installed, and is operating an RMC-ETS100 dynamic engine test system.

The system has been customized for the purpose of higher revolutions-per-minute (rpm) dynamic and durability tests as well as the use of pulse width modulation to test variable valve timing (VVT) components. The RMC-ETS100 is a dependable solution to systematically test and identify the most common mechanical malfunctions encountered by automotive repair technicians, assuring Cloyes’ products will continue to exceed customers’ expectations. 

“This is a key engineering addition to the strong engineering toolbox at Cloyes, complementing our three-dimensional modeling and scanning tools already in use,” says Jason Thompson, vice president of engineering and product development at Cloyes. “This is an exciting time for Cloyes as we continue our timing chain system design, engineering, and development of high-quality aftermarket solutions while assisting our customers with helpful information.” 

The RMC-ETS100 offers complete freedom to customize the control panel with manual and fully automated testing programs, utilizing electronics, sensors and controls to collect data. It also Includes pulse width modulation for VVT system control and a targeted rpm range of 500-1,500 with cylinder compression harmonic induction options. This investment aligns well with the company’s engineering focus as Cloyes continues to expand its offering of timing chain kits with VVT technology. 

“The addition of the RMC-ETS100 dynamic engine test system is a natural addition to our focus on system performance for timing chain and belt systems. This significant investment allows our engineering team to confirm system performance and fix system performance issues that may be inherent in the OE design,” says John Bohenick, chief executive officer for Cloyes. “Cloyes continues to invest in the engineering required to provide increasing confidence in the Cloyes brand.”

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