Mahle Touts Benefits of PAO 68 Oil For Compressors

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Mahle says its PAO 68 oil is suitable "for many types of compressor, nonhygroscopic, and compatible with numerous other lubricants and refrigerants."

According to Mahle officials, "during manufacture, special additives are added to the base PAO (polyalphaolefin) to ensure the oil’s outstanding characteristics. As a result, PAO 68 oil from Mahle" is a unique combination of highly refined synthetic oil and performance-enhancing additives. 

PAO 68 oil is also compatible with many other lubricants and refrigerants. When used in combination with PAG oil and refrigerants, it can be mixed with other oils as required, but only to a certain extent. Its molecular structure and density mean that it separates out again when it settles. This means that PAO 68 oil doesn’t form permanent bonds, with the result that the necessary viscosity of the oils is maintained and changes to their overall viscosity are excluded."

“Of course, we also offer PAG oils in all the usual grades for those workshops that specifically ask for them," says Olaf Henning, corporate executive vice president and general manager for Mahle Aftermarket.

"But one thing’s certain: we’ve yet to observe any disadvantages when changing from PAG oils to PAO 68 oil in practical use."

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