Bosch TCE 4335THP tire changer with 3-Point helper

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Bosch TCE 4335THP tire changer with 3-Point helper

Robert Bosch LLC says its TCE 4335THP tire changer is a rugged mid-priced unit that incorporates a premium-grade helper assembly with three rigid arms to keep the tire bead in the drop center of the rim at all times.

The Bosch 3-Point helper system eliminates the need for costly bead holding accessories that will inevitably break, get lost, and can possibly cause injury if not used properly. The machine puts all of its available tools within an arm’s reach to save time.

The TCE 4335THP features outside clamping up to 26 inches with a reinforced tilt tower that adapts to different rim diameters without the need for mount head adjustment. The advanced high performance mount head design allows for tire lever removal without ever touching the rim, thus eliminating the potential for rim damage.

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