Bosch ‘DistancePlus’ oil filters go the distance

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Bosch ‘DistancePlus’ oil filters go the distance

Robert Bosch LLC’s ‘high performance’ oil filter the DistancePlus is specially engineered with advanced materials and technology. Bosch says this filter offers greater ability to keep the engine performing efficiently over a long period of time.

The Bosch DistancePlus high performance oil filter keeps oil extraordinarily clean, says Bosch, and protects the engine against harmful contaminants. It also prevents engine wear and works with any brand of synthetic and conventional motor oil.

The Bosch DistancePlus offers 99.9% efficiency in removing dirt from the oil and a 300% greater capacity to hold it than many other filters. Other features include a pressure relief valve to prevent oil restriction and ensure proper oil flow, and a silicone anti-drainback valve to protect against dry starts.

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