Dye Injection kit for Hybrid A/C systems

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Dye Injection kit for Hybrid A/C systems

The kit contains three ¼ oz. (7.4 ml) Mini-EZ single-dose dye cartridges filled with co-solvent free fluorescent ester dye, formulated with unique additives specifically designed for hybrid A/C systems, says Tracerline.

Each cartridge is individually wrapped in a moisture-resistant foil pouch with desiccant bag to seal out moisture. Also included is a solid-brass R-134a hybrid coupler with check valve and purge fitting, as well as three drip plugs.

Another important component of the dye kit is the EZ-Ject dye injector assembly. With just one connection and a simple turn of the handle, it injects dye into a hybrid A/C system with no complicated hookups.

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