Bosch integrates KTS diagnostic tool with alignment system

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Bosch integrates KTS diagnostic tool with alignment system

KTS diagnostic tools now integrate into the FWA alignment system to work quickly and easily with the software’s simplified and standardized procedures. The Bosch wheel alignment system can then wirelessly connect to the vehicle OBD II to recalibrate SAS to match the final alignment angles of the vehicle.

By combining the KTS tools with the Bosch FWA wheel aligners, shops now have a cost-effective option to properly complete alignments on vehicles requiring SAS reset.

With KTS diagnostics integration into the Bosch FWA Wheel Alignment System, additional services are now possible in the alignment bay including: Health Check, Global OBDII Functionality w/ Module Status Report; Maintenance Light Resets; TPMS Sensor Reprogramming; Brake System Bleeding Procedures and Test Codes; and Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics.

Connecting the Bosch FWA wheel alignment system to the vehicle’s OBD II connector allows the modern service bay to work with confidence and full service capability. This moves the alignment bay well into the 21st century by providing access, knowledge and processes to significantly increase profits and ensure the vehicle is fixed properly the first time.

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