Operator-friendly mobile Rotary lift

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Operator-friendly mobile Rotary lift

Rotary Lift has added the RCH4 mobile column lifting system to its line of mobile column lifts.

Rotary says the RCH4 has an easy-to-use, operator-friendly design that makes it up to 30% faster than competitive lifts, for greater bay Articleivity and reduced vehicle downtime.

The RCH4 is sold in sets of four, six or eight battery-operated columns. Each column is identical and has a rated capacity of 18,000 lbs., for total lifting capacity of up to 144,000 lbs.

The speedy RCH4 can lift a vehicle 70 inches in just 78 seconds. The RCH4 also features Rotary Lift’s automatic steering system which makes it faster and easier to position the columns for service. Fixed forks fit most large tires without time-consuming adjustment, so technicians can get the vehicle up in the air for service more quickly.


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