'Instant Scanification' Guaranteed with the New OTC Genisys System 5.0

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'Instant Scanification' Guaranteed with the New OTC Genisys System 5.0

OTC, a brand of SPX Corp., has kicked-off its Instant Scanification campaign with enhanced capabilities added to OTC's Genisys System 5.0 platform.

The company says technicians will experience an advanced level of clarity and diagnostic confidence to solve and repair today's most technically challenging vehicles. Significant upgrades to the Genisys 5.0 platform include the latest technician-requested Articleivity enhancements; Code-Assist now available as a searchable database, and a new "Maintenance Tests" information screen.

Code-Assist provides more than 4.5 million experienced-based Confirmed Fixes for vehicle specific, OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). With System 5.0, the library is searchable, which saves time and increases Articleivity.

"Also available for the first time is a new ‘Maintenance Tests’ information screen," says Ed Lipscomb, senior Article manager of diagnostic systems at OTC. "A scan tool is now required to do simple maintenance tests, such as, brake bleed, light resets, alignments, oil changes and more on most vehicles; however, finding these tests within the many specific system computers can be difficult at best.

“To improve user's ability to find and use these tests, the new "Maintenance Tests" allows technicians to quickly find all maintenance tests and resets without having to search through multiple menus."

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